Project B Mead – Pyment Batch 008


A blend a mead and grapes is known as a Pyment. This is a dry, still wine best served chilled.
Co-ferment of Newtown honey with 2020 organic Cabernet Sauvignon from Vinfera wines in Mudgee. Intention was to make something closer to Rose and halfway to a “session” style – so alcohol is lower at 8.7%. Zero sulphur or other additions.
Grapes were kept as whole bunches so only picked up light colour. Light bodied, low tannin, pretty crisp acidity. Fruit flavours in the watermelon/ light strawberry vicinity.
Best served chilled. 8.7% alcohol. Zero sulphur or other additions.

Made from backyard honey in Brendan Hilferty’s Newtown house. This one includes wholebunch Mudgee cabernet as the blending component in the mead.

Pale red colour. Strong, waxy honey scents, some ashy notes, spice. Rose hip tea to taste, some fruit sweetness, honey too, soft texture, freshness and brightness, a rose wine kind of element and finishes nutty savoury and yeasty. It’s a lovely thing to drink. Lightly sweet only, very dry, bony, chewy-chalky finish. Excellent.

93 Points, Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, July 2020