Wine On Tap

We’ve been preaching the wine-on-tap gospel since 2014. In a world that is realising it needs to change its ways quicksharp, putting great wine into reusable kegs just makes sense. No more glass needed for single-use bottles. No more corks or caps. No more labels. Much less weight so lower transport costs. If you want sustainable wine, stick it in a keg.


For the consumer, it means every glass is as fresh as the first glass. No more tired or oxidised serves from a bottle that’s been open a week
For the venue, it’s all about convenience – quick and easy to serve, less space needed for storage than cases of bottles. The accountants will be happy, too: lower purchase costs due to savings made on glass, cork, etc and virtually no wastage. 
As well as permanent installations in bars and restaurants, we can provide on-tap options for homes, offices and one-off events, too. Wouldn’t that be fun?
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