Domaine la Sarabande – Faugères, France

Domaine La Sarabande was established so that Australian winemaker Paul and his Irish wine Isla Gordon could fulfill their dreams of making serious long living robustwines.

The vineyards have been carefully selected to establish a balanced mix of schist soils, good drainage, good aspect and a mix of young and very old vines.

The vineyards are organic and the winemaking is a combination of old and new world techniques. The wines are hand harvested, naturally fermented and are bottled unfiltered and unfined. The strong emphisis is to bottle wines that express the soils and climate of the vineyard while being technically correct and are free of wine faults.

Faugères is an ancient wine growing region tucked between the Meditteraen and the Cevenne mountains deep in the Languedoc.The major influence on the wines of this appellation is the distinctive schist soils.

Like all good wineries they have a loyal dog, a springer spaniel called Scarba who migrated all the way from New Zealand tobecome the Languedoc’s most travelled hound.Domaine La SarabandeFaugères, FranceEnquires to

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